Welcome To Shibarium

Shibarium was first proposed by Ryoshi, the creator of Shiba Inu as a blockchain, Layer-2 solution. Ryoshi believed that to achieve true decentralization, a community must have its own low cost blockchain solution. For this reason, Shibarium was presented as one of the primary goals of the Shiba Inu experiment as it, theoretically, would reduce transaction fees for those involved in the Shiba ecosystem.
Ryoshi initially stated that Shibarium's transaction fees would be minimal, if not zero. "Shibarium will offer low fees for every service, game, or application built on it," explained the Shiba Project Lead, who goes by the name Shytoshi Kusama. "Seconds for less than pennies," is the goal turnaround time for transactions.
Although one of the most secure blockchains in existence, Ethereum faces a number of challenges, including high gas fees. The Shiboshi NFTs were affected by heavy gas prices as Shiba relied heavily on the Ethereum network.
In the same vein as other projects, Shibarium the Layer-2 solution will also feature a simple and effective $SHIB burning mechanism. Moreover, Shibarium is designed to facilitate it and may also serve as a bridge between different ecosystems.
Continue reading to see how BONE as the primary gas token for Shibarium continues to evolve the Shiba Inu Ecosystem!
This document is subject to change. Information may vary in the coming weeks or months as Shibarium is in its Testnet phase.
Last modified 1mo ago