Ethereum: Shibarium's Foundation

Ethereum is a highly successful blockchain platform that features its own unique digital currency known as Ether (ETH). The platform's blockchain technology enables users to create programmable tokens and smart contracts, which are utilized in a variety of applications such as initial coin offerings (ICOs) of fungible tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Decentralized nodes on the Ethereum network provide security for the blockchain, which is structured around the Ethereum infrastructure.

Shibarium, The Blockchain of "The People"

Shibarium has been designed to provide people, developers and IRL businesses with a faster transaction speed and lower fees compared to other blockchains, making it a cost-effective option for those interested in blockchain technology.
The blockchain ensures secure and transparent creation and exchange of digital assets. In addition, it serves as a base for the development of decentralized applications (DApps), including Shib - The Metaverse (, Shiba Eternity, and various other products, projects, platforms, and services within the broader Shiba Inu community.

Benefits of using Shibarium

There are many benefits of using the Shibarium blockchain. Some of the key benefits include:

1. Security.

The Shibarium blockchain is a highly secure and tamper-proof platform that has the capability to store and transmit sensitive data. To secure our blockchain, we employ a proof-of-stake algorithm that needs users to stake their BONE tokens (which are from the Shiba Inu Ecosystem) to take part in the network. This method ensures that validators have a stake in the blockchain's success, thereby bolstering its security. Moreover, a network of nodes also ensures the security of the blockchain by validating transactions and keeping the blockchain updated.

2. Transparency.

It's a transparent platform that allows users to track all transactions and activities out there.

3. Efficiency.

It's a faster and more efficient platform processes transactions quickly and easily.

4. Cost-effective.

People and businesses can save money on transaction fees by using Shibarium, which is a cost-effective platform.

5. Decentralization.

The decentralized nature of Shibarium is due to the absence of a single controlling entity. Instead, a network of computers collectively maintains a copy of the blockchain. This guarantees that the blockchain is tamper-proof and immune to manipulation by any one individual or organization.