Shibarium PoS chain

Shibarium's PoS (Proof-of-Stake) chain utilizes side-chains to process transactions, resulting in unparalleled transaction speed and cost efficiency. PoS also guarantees asset security by employing the reliable Plasma bridge framework and a decentralized network of PoS validators.
To keep users engaged and focused, apps, games, metaverses, and other utilities require fast transaction processing. Shibarium satisfies this requirement by completing transactions at an astonishingly fast pace.
  • With the capability to significantly outperform Ethereum transactions per second.
  • Bridging, deposits, and withdrawals are seamless and effective.
  • Shibarium maintains the security features of Ethereum while substantially enhancing the blockchain's speed.
Scalability is just as critical as speed, and Shibarium has been designed to scale and adjust to the requirements of any organization, product, platform, project, community, or token.
  • It has been designed to be compatible with major ERC standards, ensuring seamless integration.
  • Validators and checkpoints are submitted to Ethereum to guarantee security.
  • A dynamic and enthusiastic community propels adoption and user engagement.
Flexibility & Simplicity
The transition to Web 3 and Web 4 will need a straightforward and adaptable UI, UX, and onboarding process to ensure a seamless flow of users from Web 2 (www) to this new system.
  • Shibarium's network is fully EVM compatible, so your smart contracts can be deployed directly on it.
  • Building DApps on the blockchain is simpler.
  • It's easy to transfer tokens between Shibarium and Ethereum.
In the current world, businesses must be utilize Web 3 to stay competitive but it's hard to do so when fees are cost prohibitive. Shibarium solves this by keeping many transactions below a $.01!
  • With Shibarium's proof-of-stake system, transaction costs are fractional.
  • The cost per transaction is significantly lower than Ethereum's one.
  • Burning EIP 1559 tokens will result in more predictable gas fees and deflationary token economics.
Currently, Shibarium POS chain provides the following services:
  • Send, receive, and store your assets on the Shibarium network with the Shibarium Wallet.
  • Shibarium Bridge, for cross-network withdrawals and deposits.
  • Staking with Shibarium Staking: Get rewards for staking.