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Validator Node Setup

Pre requisites:-

Technical Requirements

For the current testnet event, this is the minimal hardware configuration:

Minimal hardware Configuration for Full Node

  • RAM: 16-32 GB
  • CPU: 4-8 core CPU (t3 xLarge)
  • Storage: Minimum 1.2TB SSD (make sure it is extendable)
  • Install Ansible on your local machine with Python3.x. The setup will not work if you have Python2.x.
    To install Ansible with Python 3.x, you can use pip. Run pip3 install ansible to install Ansible.
  • Check the Shibarium PoS Ansible repository for requirements.
  • Ensure that Go is not installed in your environment as well. The installation of Go packages is required by Ansible if you attempt to set up a full node with Ansible.
  • Additionally, you will need to ensure that your machine does not already have a Shibarium validator installed, including Heimdall and Bor. If you find issues with your existing setup, you must completely remove it.