PoS Withdrawal

Preliminary Steps

  1. 1.
    Connect MetaMask: Make sure your MetaMask wallet is connected to the same admin address used during your grant creation.
  2. 2.
    Navigate to Dashboard: Once connected, the Shibarium Bridge dashboard should appear.
  3. 3.
    Access Bridge Interface: From the dashboard, navigate to the Shibarium Bridge page. Alternatively, you can click the Bridge icon in the left navigation drawer.

Withdrawal Steps

  1. 1.
    Select 'Withdraw': By default, the 'Deposit' tab is active. Press the 'Withdraw' button to switch to the withdrawal view.
  1. 2.
    Choose Tokens: Select the token pair, usually ETH (Ether - PoS), or simply pick the token you want to send. Click 'Transfer'.
  1. 3.
    Enter Amount: Specify the amount you wish to withdraw. Alternatively, click 'MAX' to withdraw all your ETH.
  2. 4.
    Confirm Transaction Fee: A pop-up will appear, asking you to confirm the transaction fee and acknowledge that the process may take up to 4 hours.
  3. 5.
    Sign Transactions: You'll have to sign two transactions. One to burn the token and the second to exit it in the Ethereum network.
  4. 6.
    Completion: After about 3 hours, the process should be complete. You can confirm on Etherscan using both mainnet and testnet URLs.
  5. 7.
    Verify Funds: After the challenge period, check your Ethereum wallet to make sure the tokens have arrived.