Start the node

Start the Heimdall Service

To begin validating transactions, you will need to start the Heimdall service on the validator machine. Once the Heimdall service has completed syncing, you can then proceed to start the Bor service on the same machine. This will allow you to validate transactions on the Bor layer.
NOTE: The Heimdall service takes several days to fully sync from scratch.
Alternatively, you can use a maintained snapshot, which will reduce the sync time to a few hours.
  • Start the Heimdall service
sudo service heimdalld start
  • Daemon reload
sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo service heimdalld start
  • Start the Heimdall rest-server:
sudo service heimdalld-rest-server start
  • Start the Heimdall bridge:
sudo service heimdalld-bridge start
  • Check the Heimdall service logs:
journalctl -u heimdalld.service -f
  • Check the Heimdall rest-server logs:
journalctl -u heimdalld-rest-server.service -f
  • Check the Heimdall bridge logs:
journalctl -u heimdalld-bridge.service -f
  • Check the sync status of Heimdall:
curl localhost:26657/status
In the output, the catching_up value is:
  • true — the Heimdall service is syncing.
  • false — the Heimdall service is fully synced.

Wait for the Heimdall service to fully sync.

Start the Bor Service

Once the Heimdall service on the validator machine is fully synced, start the Bor service on the validator machine.
  • Start the Bor service:
sudo service bor start
  • Check the Bor service logs:
journalctl -u bor.service -f